My Own Castle

After I got married, my hubby and I lived in our own rented house. It was beautiful. Until one day, I had to go back living with my GrandMa for some reasons: 1) She asked for me to accompany her; 2) I got a new job which didn't facilitate me with a car to bring my daughter to my Mom's whenever I went to work. So, moving back was all I need.

Now, both reasons don't suit anymore for my GrandMa passed away last year and now I work at home. So, I think this might be the right moment for me to move out of the house.

And, from what I believe in, a queen needs her own castle. I am a queen now. And, I need my own castle! I also believe that a nuclear family should live in a separate house from the extended family.

I keep praying to God for a home of my own where I can be a ruling queen for my own kingdom.

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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, October 29, 2007 At 9:05 AM | 1 opinion(s), wanna share yours? |

My being a WAHM turned out to be a disaster!

All this time, I’ve always been amazed to SAHM (Stay at Home Mom). But, now, I am more amazed to WAHM! No, not to my self, ‘cause I don’t consider myself a successful WAHM.

I didn’t know how to manage cleaning up my house, looking after my BabyHana, and working. I thought I could do my job while looking after my baby girl—she’s no longer a baby, 3 years old, but for me, she’s always my little BabyHana. But then, I was wrong!

BabyHana keeps seeking for my attention. I gave her puzzle to solve, she came to me for a help. I gave her papers and crayons, she broke those crayons into pieces. I gave her some origami papers, she cut them out using scissors—don’t worry about her getting cut, she’s great with the scissors.

So, I spent my time cleaning up again and again. Plus, the maids working for me and my mom haven’t come back from their Idul Fitri Holiday at Kampung.

I only can work whenever Hana is sleeping at night—no she never takes a nap in the afternoon, she has too much energy to use! So, whenever I needed to work or do some errands, I sent her to my Mom’s. Normally, I would not do it because BabyHana’s lovely GrandMa has a great stock of chocolate bars—she has diabetes but she keeps chocolate in her fridge…tell me about it!

I managed to make her lose 2 pounds in almost a month (she now weighs 44 pounds). But, I think, after sending almost every 2 days to my Mom’s…she might even gain some more weight.

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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, October 24, 2007 At 2:08 PM | 0 opinion(s), wanna share yours? |

TT: My 13 Idul Fitri Preparations

  1. Bake Kaastengel (cookies made of edam cheese)
  2. Bake Naastar (cookies with pineapple filling)
  3. Bake Chocolate Cookies
  4. Bake Katetong (Lidah Kucing a.k.a Cat’s tongue: a kind of cookies)
  5. Fry some nuts
  6. Clean the house up
  7. Buy cakes for my mom and mother-in-law
  8. Buy new clothing for my daughter, my hubby and me
  9. Get some small changes (At Lebaran Day, normally we give some small amount of money to kids—nieces, nephews, cousins)
  10. Make Ketupat (solid ride in the form of square)
  11. Donate rice (3,5 liter) to the poor as dzakat
  12. Donate some amount of money as infaq
  13. Polish my heart the cleanest way possible

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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, October 11, 2007 At 5:08 AM | 13 opinion(s), wanna share yours? |

Thursday 13 - 13 Distractions of My Being a WAHM

  1. Bed. Oh yes, this is my biggest enemy. I work mostly in my bedroom. So, you can imagine how hard it is not to get tempted!
  2. My daughter. Now that I work at home, she wouldn't want to be far from me. She always wants to go wherever I go, wants to do whatever I do. And, she always tries her best to get my attention...and sometimes she tries too much and kinda weirdly...
  3. My husband. Hahaha! I looove his cuddling me. So, since he also works at home, whenever I see him (mostly when there is a bit of problem with work, I ask him to give me a cuddle...and that might take more than just a second ;D).
  4. Baking. I need to bake lots of cookies for Iedul Fitri (holiday after Ramadhan is over), for my mom, my mother in law, myself...
  5. Reading. I'm interested in participating in a teenlit project. Yet, I'm not too familiar with it, so I need to read lots of it...yes, it's a distraction.
  6. A new idea. Yeah...lots of ideas come to my head and it's hard to say no. So, I've just bought a book to write them down and that's kinda time taking.
  7. Internet. I don't have a fixed internet connection yet at home. But my hubby uses his wi-mode connection and that's tempting. *This is not only time-taking but also kinda waste my money for it's expensive and the connection is kinda low*
  8. Being sleepy. I get sleepy easily now.
  9. Oprah Show. Oh yes, I hate to miss this great, sometimes while working, I also watch the show.
  10. My husband's yelling when he fails in his computerized soccer game. Oh I hate it!
  11. Hunger. Yet, in the day time, since it's Ramadhan and I'm fasting, I don't feel it a lot. But, at night, I can get so hungry I crave for anything. Yes, kinda starving (I'm a bit exagerating here).
  12. My daughter's cuteness. Oh yes, she's so cute that I feel like cuddling her again and again.
  13. DVDs. My brother has the same taste of good movies with me. And, he has dozens of great movies. And, it's like those DVDs are pulling me. But, so far, I win. Haven't touched any of them! :D

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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, October 04, 2007 At 9:50 AM | 18 opinion(s), wanna share yours? |

A Great Weekend

This is the month of Ramadhan, a month where Moslems all over the world are fasting. Of course, I am. My family, too. Also my friends.

Every now and then, we gather to break the fasting. Just like last Saturday, my friends from campus and their husband or wife and kid assembled in a restaurant named Ikan Bakar Cianjur located in Cipete to break our fasting together.

It was fun although not everyone was coming. Nia, Ari and I brought our dear husbands while Dony brought her lovely wife and son. The food was great, the chit-chat was nice.

On the way home, my husband took me to a department store where he bought two pairs of goggles, one for him and one for me. We need them to ride his bike. His was broken while I never had any for he always said that I looked funny wearing one. But then, about three weeks ago, something got into my eyes while we rode on his bike and it hurt a lot. So, he decided not to make fun of my face wearing a pair of glasses anymore so that I can buy one and protect my eyes.

After buying the goggles, we went to a supermarket and bought some water spinach (kangkung) and canned sardines for ‘the dinner.’

Let me explain about the concept of meals in Ramadhan.

Right after sunset, we break the fasting. But, this is not the dinner. It’s the breakfast for the day in Moslem’s calendar starts right after sunset. Then, before dawn we would eat again, and this is the dinner.

After ‘dinner’ we are not allowed to eat again until the breakfast time comes. That is the time when we fast. In my country it takes approximately 13,5 hours. What’s so amazing about fasting in my religion is that the more you pray or read Al-Qur’an the more vibrant you are. That’s the beauty of faith.

So, back to my weekend. The next day, my hubby, daughter and I went to break the fasting at my mother in law’s. I brought bubur sumsum (it’s a kind of snack made of rice flour and coconut juice and served with some liquefied brown sugar). She seemed to like it. And I was veeery glad ‘coz I put lots of effort preparing the snack.

So, there it was…a story of my great weekend.


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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, October 02, 2007 At 4:12 PM | 1 opinion(s), wanna share yours? |

Write at Home Mom

  • I'm a Mom

    I'm a writer

    I'm trying to live with both labels

    Most important:

    I love being both!

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