My Idul Fitri since 2003

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Saturday, September 27, 2008 At 10:53 PM |

In 2003, I got married to this wonderful husband named Hadi. Since then, my life has changed. Same thing with how I spend Idul Fitri.

Being his wife makes me have to go with him to his parents' house in the morning, right after we finish the Ied prayer. Of course, since we live close to my parents', we see them first, but only for a while.

In his parents' house, we have breakfast, then follow her mum and siblings to some of his family's houses like his aunties or elder cousins.

In each house, we 'must' taste cookies or even some meals they have prepared for the guesses. Normally, we go to 3 - 5 houses. After that, we go back to his parents' house, have lunch if we haven't then serve cookies and drinks for guesses coming to see his mother.

At 03.00 PM, we'd go back to my parents' house. There are my parents' siblings that we need to meet. Some of my parents' cousins, nieces and nephews come, too.

Before being a wife, I would be spending the whole first day of Idul Fitri at my parents' house and help them serve the guesses.

The second day stays almost the same before or after I got married. My parents and I (and sometimes along with my husband if he doesn't have to go with his family to some relatives' houses) go to our relatives' houses. Cookies and meals are everywhere...

We do celebrate this beautiful day...

Can't wait 'til it comes!


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