WW - Tuesday edition - Yes, I'm back, again!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, September 02, 2008 At 8:43 PM |

recognize something different?

Happy WW!

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Blogger jams o donnell Says:

I'm not sure but that is a cute photo! Happy WT/WW

Blogger Jim Says:

Her new tooth came in? Happy WW, this is a happy picture of a happy girl! Thank you.

Anonymous Mama with Marriage Tips Says:

Such a cute girl. BTW, I don't think my daughter (8 and 6 now) experienced the same thing with your daughter.

Anonymous ces Says:

no idea too:) but that is a pretty smile! just like you, i am back too!

Anonymous Sue Says:

What a sweet pic :) She definitely has a beautiful smile :) Happy WW :)

My WW entries for today are at:

Pastyme With Good Companye

The Paranormal Blog

Nuttin' But

Please stop by if you have a moment :)

Blogger Chris Says:

Did she get a haircut? She's adorable.

Blogger Mojo Says:

Hey, hey, hey Boo Boo! Wanna get a pint after work?

Blogger CK-II Says:

I love root beer too! Happy WW! :)

Anonymous Write at Home Mom Says:


Thanks for your comment. The difference is with the bear not my daughter :D

Happy day!

Blogger Heart of Rachel Says:

What a cute shot. Is that the bear from A&W?


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