My Own Castle

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, October 29, 2007 At 9:05 AM |

After I got married, my hubby and I lived in our own rented house. It was beautiful. Until one day, I had to go back living with my GrandMa for some reasons: 1) She asked for me to accompany her; 2) I got a new job which didn't facilitate me with a car to bring my daughter to my Mom's whenever I went to work. So, moving back was all I need.

Now, both reasons don't suit anymore for my GrandMa passed away last year and now I work at home. So, I think this might be the right moment for me to move out of the house.

And, from what I believe in, a queen needs her own castle. I am a queen now. And, I need my own castle! I also believe that a nuclear family should live in a separate house from the extended family.

I keep praying to God for a home of my own where I can be a ruling queen for my own kingdom.

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Blogger JHEUNG RHIE Says:

i wish i could have my own castle too..where i can have a really new life with my husband..and build our new marriage...and hope to have babies soon too...anyway...its really nice blog you have...if i'm not mistaken i've seen your profile on i add you on goodreads, and link your blogs to my blogs?? salam kenal yah...


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