Another Short Story in a Magazine

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, September 09, 2008 At 8:10 PM |

Again, I've got my short story published in a magazine. For that particular magz, it is my 3rd. But, overall, this is my 6th short story in several magz.

I am sooo happy!

My first short story published in a magazine was in August 2004, the second one in December 2004 at the same magazine. The third one was in July 2005, fourth in April 2006, fifth in December 2007, all in the same magazine.

This 6th one is published in the same magazine as the first 2 ones. This magazine was once my favorite when I was a university student back then.

I hope the will be I won't stop writing either.

Thanks, Femina!


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Blogger ime' Says:

mmmm... gimana sih caranya buat bikin cerita, gimana caranya buat apply cerita itu?

Anonymous Write at Home Mom Says:

hmmm gimana ya, me'...ya nulis aja, gt, kayak ngeblog. Apply cerita gmana maksudnya?


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