Thursday 13 - 13 Distractions of My Being a WAHM

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, October 04, 2007 At 9:50 AM |

  1. Bed. Oh yes, this is my biggest enemy. I work mostly in my bedroom. So, you can imagine how hard it is not to get tempted!
  2. My daughter. Now that I work at home, she wouldn't want to be far from me. She always wants to go wherever I go, wants to do whatever I do. And, she always tries her best to get my attention...and sometimes she tries too much and kinda weirdly...
  3. My husband. Hahaha! I looove his cuddling me. So, since he also works at home, whenever I see him (mostly when there is a bit of problem with work, I ask him to give me a cuddle...and that might take more than just a second ;D).
  4. Baking. I need to bake lots of cookies for Iedul Fitri (holiday after Ramadhan is over), for my mom, my mother in law, myself...
  5. Reading. I'm interested in participating in a teenlit project. Yet, I'm not too familiar with it, so I need to read lots of it...yes, it's a distraction.
  6. A new idea. Yeah...lots of ideas come to my head and it's hard to say no. So, I've just bought a book to write them down and that's kinda time taking.
  7. Internet. I don't have a fixed internet connection yet at home. But my hubby uses his wi-mode connection and that's tempting. *This is not only time-taking but also kinda waste my money for it's expensive and the connection is kinda low*
  8. Being sleepy. I get sleepy easily now.
  9. Oprah Show. Oh yes, I hate to miss this great, sometimes while working, I also watch the show.
  10. My husband's yelling when he fails in his computerized soccer game. Oh I hate it!
  11. Hunger. Yet, in the day time, since it's Ramadhan and I'm fasting, I don't feel it a lot. But, at night, I can get so hungry I crave for anything. Yes, kinda starving (I'm a bit exagerating here).
  12. My daughter's cuteness. Oh yes, she's so cute that I feel like cuddling her again and again.
  13. DVDs. My brother has the same taste of good movies with me. And, he has dozens of great movies. And, it's like those DVDs are pulling me. But, so far, I win. Haven't touched any of them! :D

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Blogger Just Me Says:

Oh, I'd never get any work done if I worked at home!

Anonymous Wacky Mommy Says:

I love working from home, but it is a challenge at times. Happy Thursday!

Blogger Mama's Moon Says:

All those distractions would take me an entire day-and-a-half to get through! How do you do it??! Cuddling with both your Hubby and baby girl, though, would be so worth it!

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous Nicholas Says:

One would have to be so focussed to withstand all those distractions.

Blogger Morgan St. John Says:

too true. You have wonderful distractions. I'd take a cuddle anyday for a few words on the screen...

The words will be there later.

Blogger Candy Says:

Cudling with my hubby, reading, the bed and my son would so totally distract me without fail! :o)

Blogger Cecily R Says:

Holy crap, this is my list!!!! Well, not really. But if I'd thought of it it would totally be my list! Working from home is a total blessing in so many ways, but OH the distractions!

Blogger Cecily R Says:

I totally said totally twice. That's totally embarrassing.

Blogger Bloggers Says:

Great post. It is very hard to get any work done when you have cute kids. My one year old just makes me want to cuddle all day.

My 13 is up on

Working at Home Mom

Anonymous Xakara Says:

Although it's terrible to be distracted when you really want to make some headway, I have to say you have some of the best distractions going on with the cute little one and cuddly husband. :)

Good luck on fitting it all in.


Blogger Elle Fredrix Says:

These are good. I work from home as well, but I never get anything done if someone was here all day distracting me. I have the house to myself. Which certainly doesn't mean there are NO distractions!

Blogger Amelia June Says:

Sigh, I'm with you on those. Sometimes it feels like I have no time to write at all between the kids, homework, the husband, and the cooking!

(btw, your family is just lovely, pics are gorgeous up top there)

Happy TT!

Blogger Moondancer Says:

Okay, you're scaring me. I'm a WAHM and it sound like my house. Cept' the hubby is yelling at WoW as he plays and some days my daughter is finally at school now. (not this week...which falls as I am writing by pre nano novel) The bed is sooo comfy and there are so many cool blogs to read....

Blogger Joyismygoal Says:

oh yes i was one till July and they all applied

Blogger Jenny McB Says:

This would be tough for me, since I am easily distracted at home. What do you do for a job? Translate books, I think based on what I read below.

I read your blog and it's fascinating to read about other's religious traditions. I didn't know that about the breakfast being after sunset.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to coming back.

Anonymous damozel Says:

I admit that that is one cute baby you've got there.

It's tough, but I understand that Harper Lee, who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird", was a WAHM. After awhile you'll probably get used to being home (?) Good luck overcoming the distractions!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments. I'm working with these distractions. So so :D

Anonymous Tori Says:

I would find it very hard to resist many of those too! I especially liked the "cuddling", lol!


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