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Since using this template, I lost my blogroll. I thought it was still there on the sidebar, but no!

So, I've decided to make one starting tomorrow--I cannot start now since it's already 00.43am in my place.

And, here is the list:
  1. Arlene
  2. Atasha in California, USA
  3. Dallas Meow in McTexas, USA
  4. IdealPinkRose in Korea
  5. Intan in Sydney, Australia
  6. Liza in Malaysia
  7. Rachel in Philippines
*and many more to add!*

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Blogger . . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . Says:

I think it's blogroll, not your template.
Mine are lost too - and when I google, i find lots of folks complaining.

Blogger idealpinkrose Says:

hi thanks for the link, i'm gonna link you up, too right away~

have a nice weekend!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

mine was lost too. am glad i found u again at WW. i would be happy if you can add mine to your list, too:

thank you. :)

Blogger Heart of Rachel Says:

Thanks for linking me my friend.

I will add you to mine soon. I currently have a problem with my template and couldn't edit my right sidebar. Hope everything will be back to normal soon.

It's a great pleasure to reconnect and find out new things about you. Take care.


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