13 Short and Long Term Plans for Me and My Family

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, November 01, 2007 At 1:32 AM |

Things have been changed lately. I’ve figured out some interesting facts about my life and my family’s. So, I think some plans are required.

1. Get myself my own desk. This has been done. I’ve got my own desk. Not the big one I brought from my ex-office, but the one my hubby just bought and assembled yesterday. It’s smaller and fits my room well. I put it in front of the window—will show you the picture later on.

2. Get an Internet connection. Today was the big day. The technician came today and fixed it. God, it’s good to be back!

3. Move out. It’s about time. We have been asking for information to our friends about some rented house. We don’t know yet when to move out but it’s planned!

4. Sell stuff. It’s for sure that if we move out, the new home will be very tiny. So, we decided to sell our stuffs that are big and replace them with some simple and petite things.

5. Get another translating job. The one I am doing is about to get done. So, hopefully by midst of this month, I’ve got a new task.

6. Make more money to get settled. To be honest, it’s a bit up and down lately when it comes to money. But, hey, money is not the thing that can make you happy, right? So, yes, thank God we’re happy, still.

7. Write more. In a way, it is related to # 6 but in other way, it is not. I need to write for my own good, my own happiness.

8. Run a business. I know what kind of business that suits me and it’s about to be started, soon, I hope!

9. Lose weight! Oh, well, being a , I don’t have to walk around 1600 steps each day to work—yes, I counted, one way is 800 steps—, and I have to eat those yummy foods my Mom makes. Oh yes, they’re yummy!

10. Help my parents more. No, they never ask for me to lend a hand, I just feel I need to. Since I was born, they were there for me, it’s time for me to be there for them.

11. Have my 2nd book published. God, help me so next year there will be another book…

12. Prepare for my daughter’s further education. It’s both the fund and the institution. My hubby and I need to look for the right school. So far, we’re still hoping that we won’t have to send her to some public schools and we have enough money to send her to just some middle-class private school yet with great curriculums and teaching methods. I wish I could homeschool her, but I don’t think I have the patience and quality.

13. Move out…oh, I’ve said that already?

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Blogger Morgan Leigh Says:

2nd book published?

where did you get the first one published?

i really want to get a book published, and i'm doing NaNoWriMo this month to write another.


Happy TT!

Anonymous Nicholas Says:

I wish you the best of luck with all those ambitions.

Blogger Raggedy Says:

I hope you accomplish everything on your list!!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Blogger No Nonsense Girl Says:

very interesting plans!!! Hope you can achieve them!!! I wush you only the best!!!

Blogger Breeni Books Says:

Good luck with your goals. I can tell you that home schooling is not as difficult as it seems. Happy TT!

Blogger Open Grove Claudia Says:

I am amazed that your life is so similar to my life - when you live so far away from me here in the US. Good luck with everything!

Happy TT!

Blogger pussreboots Says:

Good luck on your plans. Happy TT.

Anonymous damozel Says:

Excellent that you're so organized and have everything planned---that's the way to get somewhere instead of just drifting. Congratulations on pay per post.

Blogger Robin Says:

I'm jealous, I'd love my own desk. Good luck with all your plans.

Blogger Janet Says:

I applaud you on #10! I moved in with my parents to help them out ... and it's been awesome!

Blogger Bloggers Says:

I love your list!! I hope that you accomplish it all.


Blogger Holly Says:

And here's good wishes being sent that your second book will be published. (I've published one myself, and was a contributing author on another).

And blessings on all your hopes and dreams!

Blogger Sparky Duck Says:

Its amazing how much you miss the internet once you lose it. Yet I lived like 20 years just fine without it

Blogger geek-betty Says:

wow...I'd like to just have my first one published ! good luck on all of it!


Blogger Chelle Y. Says:

Wow, two books! That's great! I wish I could write that well!


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