TT - 13 Romantic Wishes

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, February 14, 2008 At 11:14 AM |

My hubby is not a romantic person. Yet, I never stop wishing for a romantic session with him...

  1. A second honeymoon in the same place that we went to for our first honeymoon. It's Kampung Sampireun in Garut, West Java.
  2. A candle light dinner in a fancy restaurant where he secretly orders a band to accompany me sing my favorite songs.
  3. Fill our bedroom with flowers.
  4. Tell me to get out of the house for two or more hours, and when I got home, he already prepares the table and the food--his own cooking if possible, if eatable, if not, some delicious meals from some resto would do me good.
  5. Sing a song for me right after I wake up...I prefer "You Make My World So Colorful" by Daniel Sahuleka--because from what I heard, he wrote the song after seeing his wife waking up and looking so pretty in one morning.
  6. Write a song for me--he used to be able to write songs, I wish he would write another one for me...
  7. Sending me a poem by airmail.
  8. Surprise me of an unthinkable thing--I can't think of it now.
  9. Surprise me with a voucher from a bookstore--unlimited one! Ha!
  10. Close my eyes and bring me to a shopping center and let me smell some perfumes and let me choose one or two (or three) just by smelling them and shop a dress for me that he only allows me to wear with him--no need to be a sexy one, just something pretty for me to wear.
  11. Fly me to a beautiful place where he makes sure that I would not be able to think of anything else--works, deadlines--but romance.
  12. A romantic video tape where he says everything nice about me and beautiful things about us.
  13. Read this post! Ha!

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Nice list. Happy TT!

Blogger Laura Says:

Men...aren't they all the same?!? happy T-13!

Anonymous Nicholas Says:

Very nice list. Unlimited bookstore vouchers... do they exist??

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I'm happy if the SO puts the toilet seat down. Good luck!

Blogger Chelle Y. Says:

You have a beautiful family!

Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

Ooh, those ARE terribly romantic things to wish for.

Know what I'd like? An uninterrupted day to READ. Nothing more. Just read.


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