Thursday Thirteen - 13 Writer's Website

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, January 09, 2008 At 11:48 PM |

  1. Dan Brown
  2. Nora Roberts
  3. Meg Cabot
  4. Stephen King
  5. J.K. Rowling
  6. Dean Koontz
  7. James Patterson
  8. Jodi Picoult
  9. Danielle Steel
  10. John Grisham
  11. Michael Crichton
  12. Roald Dahl
  13. Tracy Chevalier

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Blogger Joan Says:

Some of my favorite authors are listed here!

I posted travel pictures this week. Happy Thursday.

Blogger SJ Reidhead Says:

Now you have mine!

The Pink Flamingo

Blogger Melissa Says:

These are some of my favorite authors. Whenever I see one of these names on the shelf, I have to grab them quick!! Happy TT!

Anonymous Missy Says:

This is a great resource. I'm going to bookmark it and visit the sites one by one. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger tommie Says:

Some of my favorite authors are listed!

Thanks for visiting my TT

Blogger Sarai Says:

wow good list some of my favs are on here!

Anonymous Nicholas Says:

I've bookmarked that so I can come back to it.

Blogger Leeann Says:

I love most of these authors.

Blogger Zenmomma Says:

Some good authors there. the Roald Dahl website looks like fun. I'll have to show my daughter.

Blogger Lazy Daisy Says:

Wow, thanks...who knew?

Blogger AGK Says:

Cool - haven't seen some of these :)

Blogger Open Grove Claudia Says:

Gosh, what fun to check out what the pros are up to! Thanks for making the list! Who is your favorite?

Happy TT.

Blogger Pamela Kramer Says:

Great list! Who doesn't love a good Stephen King book? Happy TT.

Blogger Lori Says:

Wow, thats great...I love more than one of those authors. I will have to check them out. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

Blogger Tink Says:

Great authorsand some fabourites of mine, of which I hadn't visited their websites before. :-)
Thanks for visiting my expensive cities TT.


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