Thursday Thirteen - 13 Things I've done and plan to do in 2008

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, January 03, 2008 At 11:40 AM |

  1. I celebrated New Year's Eve working!
  2. I went to my in-laws and had fun on January 1st.
  3. I have started trying to homeschool my daughter--although I am still not sure about that.
  4. I've just bought Roald Dahl's Tales of Childhood: Boy, and am so excited about it!
  5. I've also bought Ratatouille for my babyhana.
  6. I am now working on the web content for a fashion site and that is interesting.
  7. I have just bought three Indonesian fashion magazine (secondhand)--which I never did before for I'm no fashionista!--and I plan to read them to help me write the fashion details for the web and soon for the company profile.
  8. I plan to add more books on my online so-called bookstore.
  9. I plan to submit a novel to an editor in one of the biggest publishing house in my country.
  10. I need to finish the novel that I have started last year.
  11. I plan to submit some short stories I've written last year.
  12. I plan to write more short stories.
  13. I plan to write more very short stories at
Thursday Thirteen


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Blogger Zenmomma Says:

Good luck with the homeschooling and your writing. It all sounds wonderful.

Anonymous Nicholas Says:

Best wishes for a successful 2008!

Blogger Robin Says:

Good luck with your writing! Here's to a very successful 2008 for you.

Blogger Coco Says:

Selamat tahun baru! ;)

Good luck with your plans.

Blogger sandierpastures Says:

I hope you get a book deal this year!
Happy New Year to you.

-Grace in Dubai-

Blogger The Gal Herself Says:

You have ambitious plans for 2008! The fashion site sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck, and thanks for visiting my TT.

Blogger Harlekwin Says:

What an ambitious list you have for 2008! I hope you realize each and every one of them.

Happy TT!! Thank you for visiting my list today.

Blogger Joyce Says:

You are such a busy lady! I hope that you and your family have a very good new year. :)

Anonymous Gellianne Says:

Hi! Those are great plans!
Thanks for sharing!


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