Idul Adha

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, December 21, 2007 At 12:06 PM |

Yesterday, we celebrated Idul Adha. We spent it mostly at my in-laws. My mother in law is having osteoporosis with a fracture on the back bone. So, we decided to spend the whole day there.

Since she cannot move a lot, so, I took the liberty to help her with some cookings. Normally, on Idul Adha, we get lots of goat meat. My MIL told me to just fry them. All you have to do is simply add some salt and ground pepper. But, the taste is YUMMY!

For lunch, it was me who slice the meat yet my MIL was the one who put the salt and pepper. Yet, for lunch, it was all me who did the job.

And, you know what? The meat was hard to eat! I was soooo embarrassed. But hey, it's not all my fault. According to what I know, goat meat would be soft if you made the right cut on the first place. When I received the meat, they were already sliced into big pieces. And, I simply made them smaller.

So, it wasn't my fault...was it?


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Anonymous eLm Says:

Met Idul Adha ya, semoga Allah senantiasa melimpahkan rahmatnya kepada kita.


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