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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, November 08, 2007 At 1:18 AM |

Enjoy...and continue the story if you wish...

  1. I'm in a forest, it's dark. I want to run but my feet are too heavy. Then, I walk slowly...step by step...and, suddenly...
  2. I am swimming in a lake. The water is warm. I see some swans on the other side. I swim and swim until I get closer to them. But then, all of a sudden, they disappear...and...
  3. I see him there, with his black trousers and light blue skirt. He can't see me. But, I know, he can feel me. There are tears on his cheeks. His eyes are red. I wish I could come closer, then hug him...but I can't. He is...
  4. I am climbing this tiny hill with my sister. She looks happy. That big smile never leaves her face. I wish I could just a little bit be like her. She knows I envy her, but she is ok with that. Well, I'm not...because...
  5. Now, I am on the stage. All eyes are on me. I feel my hands trembling. I can't do it! Don't push me! I can't sing. I can't dance! I'm no Diva! No...!
  6. I am trapped. I can't move. People are yelling, telling me to be calm and leave it to them to help me. But, can they really save my life? I don't think so. I can't trust my life in other people's hands. I have to find a way to set my body free...
  7. Today, it's our 25th anniversary. I have reserved a table in our favorite restaurant. I know he would love it. It's now 30 minutes to 8, but he hasn't come home yet. 30 minutes to 9, I have to cancel the recervation. 30 minutes to 10...I wonder where he is...
  8. We've just moved in to this new house. A bigger place with a beautiful rose garden on the backyard. Yet, there is something wrong. I just can feel it.
  9. He killed himself. With a gun. His father's. Blood is everywhere near him, on him. And, we were supposed to be on the church now. He could kiss me, his new wife. But, he chose blood instead. Why?
  10. I am faling in love. Everyone can see that in my eyes. Whenever he is around, sparkles are filling my eyes. Jenny, my best friend, said that I was like a tiger looking at fresh meat. Was I?
  11. I am fat, I need to lose at least 20 pounds. But, did I ever do it? No. Never. Did my Dad manage to avoid death after he started living with that silly diet? No. He still had that heart attack. So, why should I do what he did? So, I can end up dead, just like him?
  12. I'm in this fancy restaurant. Alone. Everyone--each with someone on the other side of the table--is looking at me as if I'm a green allien. Can't anyone dine alone?
  13. I'm in front of my computer. I am supposed to join a very famous meme. Yet, I don't know what to write. So, I just sit down and look at the screen. Still don't know what to say...

More TTs?

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Blogger Natalie Says:

Interesting idea for TT. Have a great day!

Blogger Brenda ND Says:

All of your ideas would make interesting whole stories. I like your imagination!

Blogger Dane Bramage Says:

What a great idea for a creative outlet. I'll have to try this exercise.

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Blogger Chelle Y. Says:

Great imagination! I wish I could do that.

Blogger Bloggers Says:

What a unique TT. Loved it.


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