Thursday 13 - What I Expect of Being a WAHM

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, September 20, 2007 At 11:08 AM |

This will be a great adventure, being a are what i expect:

  1. I will have all my liberty to sleep very very late (I prefer working at nite) and can wake up anytime I want.
  2. I don't have to dress up.
  3. I can play with my BabyHana anytime I want.
  4. I'll have a chance to learn cooking (yeah, rite...I doubt it myself *grin*).
  5. I can take my BabyHana to school and wait for her there until she's done.
  6. I will have more time to write (who knows, my 2nd book might come soon ;D).
  7. I'll have time to catch up with my friends for lunch or afternoon tea coffee.
  8. I'll have more time to blog.
  9. I can go to bookstores or library more often.
  10. I can sleep longer (I haven't mentioned it, have I? ;D).
  11. I can get online all day long (do you hear me? ALL DAY LONG! Love it!)
  12. I can learn how to nap (honestly, I can'y nap for everytime I wake up after a nap, I'll get dizzy).
  13. I'll have more time to read (there are dozens of books on the shelves left untouched).

All these 13 are the pluses...wondering what would be the minuses...let's see if I can work it out for my next-week TT :D

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*picture by Michal Koralewski reedited by me*

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Blogger Leeann Says:

I became a WAHM just over a year ago. My days are more like:
1. Get up 2 hours earlier than normal, to have time to work before the house awakens.
2. Re-do some work because either the 1 year old pounded on my keyboard or the 4 year old deleted my work in order to play on
3. Run from here to there to everywhere, because now that I "stay home" all day, I take on all those things I couldn't do when I was at work. (i.e. babysitting for others, dentist and doctor appointments on the same day, reading to the kindergarten class, ect.)
4. Stay up too late, to get the work done I wasn't able to do all day.

Good luck! :)

Blogger Bloggers Says:

I love the library and naps too!!

although with a 1 year old i do not get to nap too often i am usually working when he is napping.

my 13 is up

Blogger IRENE Says:

I do not dream of staying at home. Having somewhere to go every day is helping me be more balanced. But if you have found yourself in that place, I'd say look at it as a vacation and have some structured time around the house, especially for your writing.
Best of luck!
And happy TT!

Blogger ivan Says:

oh, i envy you. i wish i can do that, too...hmm.

mine's up at Dear Me.

have fun!

Anonymous Christine Says:

Sounds divine! Hope it works out that way :)

Blogger Natalie Says:

I hope things work out for you the way you want them too. Good luck!

Anonymous Lulu Says:

Okay - first off, your BabyHana in the previous post are adorable!! Love her little outfit!

Secondly, I would have listed napping for all 13...

How wonderful that you are able to be a WAHM!

Blogger Elle Fredrix Says:

Hope you love being a WAHM! I'm not a mom but I do work from home and I love it!

Blogger TeaMouse Says:

That sounds like a great way to work - especially the sleeping in part.

Blogger spyscribbler Says:

LOL, library and bookstore would be at the top of the list, for me!

Happy TT! I hope it's great adventure for you!

Anonymous Nicholas Says:

Also... no commuting!

Anonymous Genesis Says:

Hmm, sleeping in is something I haven´t done since having kids! Good luck on that one. :D

Being a work at home mom is fun. It´s nice to be around your kids and be able to take a break when you can, but it is also frustrating. There are times when you have deadlines and the kids won´t cooperate, they want to be on your lap or throw a tantrum because you won´t play with them.

My firstborn used to scream and throw himself on the floor whenever he saw me sit down at the computer because he knew it meant I wouldn´t be paying attention to him. Be prepared for a similar reaction from Hana. She´s a bit older, but she will want you to stop working all the time, too. It´s important that you have some discipline, or else it is REALLY easy to fall behind. :D

Looking forward to reading about how you do at home. I know you are going to enjoy it! And if you ever need advice, just give me a shout.

Blogger Kara Says:

Would love to try the work at home thing - sounds like it would be interesting.


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