Tomorrow Will Be Hana's 1st Performance at School

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, June 22, 2007 At 6:15 PM |

Oh, she really shows that she's a big girl now.

Imagine...her first performance! She's been practicing for the last 2 or three weeks, I think. Oh, I really hope that she'll be doing great. It kinda reminds me of a poem I read for my Mom when I was in kindergarten, a bit older than Hana.

It's so amazing seeing her grow up, experiencing funny moments when she comments on things the way we, grown-ups do. Just like the beginning of this week, she said to me and her Abi who were lying in bed in a sunny morning, "Hey, what are you both doing? Just lying's almost noon. Wake up!" *in Indonesian, translated into English*

Afterwards, instead of getting up, hubby and I kissed her all over and we continued lying in bed, the three of us. Well, such a moment to enjoy.

So, for tomorrow, I had to buy costumes for Hana. No, not animal costume or anything weird. Simply a sleeveless t-shirt and a jeans skirt. But it was HARD!


Hana is big for her age. Now she weighs 18.5 kg. And, quite tall.

So, I brought one of her T-shirt and jeans to a shopping center, and I looked for a size that might have fit her. And, I had to go around and around just to get them. Yes, I finally got them. Thank God.

The show is tomorrow morning. Hopefully we won't spend much time lying in bed so that we won't get late and this afternoon I spent in the shopping center becomes useless.

As usual, I tend to promise that I will upload pictures--which lately I never kept. I will try my best, though.

Have a pleasent weekend, pals!

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Blogger Janelle Says:

Thank you for visiting my blog! How neat to have a new blog friend. Your ZoomCLoud is awesome! I have got to learn how to do that.

Hope your daughter's performance is fun. I bet it will be cute! I will be back to see pictures.


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