Hana's Jealousy is over now

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, April 20, 2007 At 10:24 AM |

When I was very busy with the preparation of my novel, I had to take an hour each evening (after getting home from office) to retouch the design of the cover or edit some words. Actually evening should be my time with my babyhana.

So, one day, when she saw me in front of the computer, still saving some data, she looked angry and said, "Throw these away! Just throw away your work!"

OMG, I was so sad. It looked like she got jealous at my work.

But last Wednesday was the final day of the preparation. So, starting last night, I could spend the whole evening with her. She looked happy. And, of course, I'm happy.

She's my everything. I've been trying to publish the novel not for my own satisfaction. I do it for her, for us. She needs more fund later when she grows up to go to college or even university. This novel is one of the so many ways I try in order to give her the chance to get as high education.

I think, one day she'll understand.

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Blogger sunnyday Says:

Congratulations on your novel! And I'm sure your daughter will understand all the hard work you put into it (and to other work you do) when she's older =)

So will you be going on book tours?

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

=) thanks so much...

Book tours? Not sure about it. Since I publish this book myself and the fund is very limited, I might skip book tours. At least for now.

Blogger HLiza Says:

Itu baru jealousnya sama kerja, belum lagi kalau mahu dapat adik baru!

Blogger Atasha Says:

Poor baby, Ofcourse she'll understand when she's older. We all need to make these sacrifices for our kids.

Good Luck and take care.


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