WW - Hana's Massage Time (massaged by Wati, our family's massage lady)

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, January 24, 2007 At 1:40 PM |

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Blogger Gattina Says:

Lucky little girl, lol !

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

:D Yes, she's very lucky...

Blogger Atasha Says:

Hey I want one, oh wait not want, I NEED a massage and an adjustment and can't find the time to get one yet! Woe is me! What a lucky girl

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

We all need one.


This lady, Wati, has been the family's massage lady since I was young. She did my GrandMa, my Mom (and some of my aunts), me and now my daughter.

4 generations massage lady!

Anonymous local girl Says:

Wow, even the kids get massages! I wish I could get one, too!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

It's good for kids to get massages since they are active and their muscles are sometimes tensed.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Wow, that's so cool!

And yes, Hana is VERY lucky - I need a massage girl too :-)

Blogger palmtreefanatic Says:

awww how sweet!!! Happy WW!

Blogger Sanni Says:

Cute picture! Family massage lady?! What do I have to do to get part of the party? =)

I´m wordless – please visit my WW #9 @ Coffee 2 go - Thanks =)

Anonymous eph2810 Says:

Oh - massages are so relaxing :)...
Happy Wednesday.

Blogger crygibb Says:

Lucky girl! Happy WW.

Blogger Beckie Says:

I'm next! Oh they feel sooooo good. If you have time, come visit me at http://beckie-photoblog.blogspot.com

Blogger Emma's Kat Says:

What a beautiful little girl you have! Uh, could you send Wati my way, lol!

Blogger amy Says:

someone looks very relaxed

Blogger Mert Says:

So cute! Looks like she is really enjoying it. Happy WW!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks for the comment.

Wati is available anytime but not in anyplace ;D Come to my country and I'll call her for you...


And,yes, Hana enjoys being massaged...sooo much, indeed.


Have a great weekend!

Anonymous mamaFaiz Says:

hahaha.... can't help to LOL!
Hana is reeeeaaaally cuuutee!!

Blogger Sweet Kitty Says:

She looks like she's really enjoying...
Beautiful pic!

My WW is up to, please stop by my blog and have fun!

Happy Wednesday,
Sweet like Kitty
I will exercise for comments!!!

Blogger Michelle Says:

I need to start the "family massage time" in our home . . . aahhh


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