Thursday 13 - Thirteen Things about ME

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, January 04, 2007 At 11:22 AM |

  1. I hate horror movies. My husband likes it. Can you imagine how miserable I am when he's watching one in our bedroom? Huh!

  2. I used to love spinach when I was little, now I hate it so much.

  3. I can't sleep without reading a book first. Now, my daughter seems to follow this habit.

  4. These 2 days, I've been waiting for a phone call that might change my life.

  5. I want to be a writer, a real one, owning a book with my name in it.

  6. I love dancing, I really do. But, I only do it alone in my room.

  7. I hate waiting for my daughter at her preschool, there are many maids also waiting and they are not behaved.

  8. I've just lost my excitement on my future project. But, I think I've got it back, today.

  9. I want to have another child but don't know when.

  10. I love Chitra Divakaruni, she's a great writer. I wanna be like her. ;D

  11. I have pain on the left side of my stomach but am afraid to go to the doctor and to find that it's serious.

  12. I used to have difficulties in drinking water (just water without syrup, tea or coffee added).

  13. Now, I drink water a lot. I think the pain is somehow related to my bad habit of not drinking water enough.

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Anonymous suki Says:

I hate horror movies also!! Can't stand them. I love dancing, but I'm horrible at it. So alone in my room too, even in the shower sometimes. Hehe. :)

I don't know how you get through water... I could never develop a habit.

Blogger my 2 cents Says:

I hope the pain is nothing serious.

Good luck with the book writing!

And best wishes about the phone call you're waiting for... I hope it works out for the best!

Have a great Thursday!

Blogger Lisa Says:

I'm not a big fan of horror movies, either.

Hope the pain is nothing serious.

Blogger Sanni Says:

I agree on the horror movies and on getting preganant again =)

Happy New Year from Germany,


P.S.: Please visit my TT - Thanks a lot =)

Blogger Nathalie Says:

I'm curious now about that phonecall you're waiting for!
Happy TT!

Blogger Raggedy Says:

I hope your pain is not serious!
You really should look into it if it persists.
I hope you get a great phone call!
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is posted

Blogger Samantha Says:

I love horror movies!! I also love reading. No matter how tired I am, I read at least one chapter before I go to bed! When I'm at home, I dont drink water (I know I should), but when I'm at work, thats all I drink...I'm strange LOL My TT is up :)

Blogger Sweet Kitty Says:

Great list!
Thank you very much for sharing!
I totally agree to #1!!!
I hope I'll get into drinking water too, coz that'll help a lot loosing weight! (My biggest resolution this year)

Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,
Happy New Year to all of you

P.S: My list is up too! Please visit Sweet like Kitty

Anonymous Barbara H. Says:

I hate horror movies, too. Thankfully everyone else in my family does, too. I hope you get your pain checked out soon. It could be simple, like not getting enough fiber -- but even if it is serious, better to know as soon as possible so it can be dealt with. I hope it is not serious and goes away soon.

Blogger Chickadee Says:

My hubby likes the scary movies too. He also enjoys those violent, reality type movies. NOT for me!

My 13 is up.

Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

He watches horror movies in your bedroom? I'd throw the TV out the window. I would!

Keep drinking your water if the pain goes away. Could it be kidney stones? Those feel better (and go away) when you flood them.

Happy TT -- I have yet to read any Chita (not even gonna try the rest of her name), but I have some here. I'm eager to get to it!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks for the comment...

I also hope it's nothing serious, my pain...and hope that water will clear it out...

The phone call? Maybe I'll never get it. Today is the deadline. If they don't call today, they won't call 4ever.

Anyway, have a nice weekend! ;D

Anonymous isman Says:

Try distilled water. At first it may taste strange. But after a while, you'll be hooked. Other kinds of drinking water will taste awful.

The con: almost any events (especially wedding receptions) serve the other kind of drinking water.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Thanks for the tips, Isman :D

Blogger YellowRose Says:

I like horror movies, but my hubby doesn't! LoL Hope your pain goes away and it's nothing serious!!

Thanks for stopping by the "garden!"

Anonymous Sophisticated Writer Says:

I'm not sure if I like horror movies. I hate blood and violence, but I love psychological and other horror movies.

Hope you feel better soon Nadiah and happy new year :) Hope you had a lovely Eid as well.


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