Thursday 13 - Totally Random

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, December 07, 2006 At 2:17 PM |

  1. I wish I were in my office writing articles, browsing and blogging (I'm in an internet cafe now).
  2. My babyHana is sleeping in my parents' house so I can go to the cafe (it's 2.30 pm now).
  3. I took my babyHana for a trial in a preschool. She enjoyed it, I did, too.
  4. Feeling extremely proud of my daughter for being good at school.
  5. I miss my co-worker,'d better read this, girl, when we meet again, next week.
  6. My hubby's not feeling well but he had to go to work for his big project, I thank God for this.
  7. I miss my computer at the office...huhhuu...
  8. I don't know what else to say...hehehe...
  9. It's been 1 hour 17 minutes 37 seconds since I started logging in.
  10. I'm reading Lying in Bed by Polly Samson. See picture above for the cover. BTW, I love the cover so much, don't you?
  11. I'll be online until 3 pm.
  12. I met a dear friend, Widya, yesterday to accompany her designing her wedding invitation and to have lunch together. Miss you already, girl...
  13.'s #13!


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Nice list!
Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

Blogger Sanni Says:

Thanks for sharing this very nice TT!

Happy TT from Germany,

P.S.: In my part of the world it is still Thursday =)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

A nice list! That's great that little Hana did well in pre-school!

Hope you have a great Thursday and a great weekend!!

Blogger alisonwonderland Says:

'random' can be great! happy TT!


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