Thursday 13 - 13 Things that Make Me Suffer from Insomnia

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, November 30, 2006 At 10:30 AM |

  1. A good book! - Whenever I start reading an great book, it would be hard for me to turn it down. I'll keep reading and reading until I couldn't stand being sleepy.

  2. A big idea! - If I have something in mind, a big big idea in my head, then it would be hard for me to close my eyes. I will keep them open and let my imagination go as wild as it can be.

  3. Sadness - If I'm sad about something, I might cry almost all night long. I'm the kind of person who believes that crying will lessen sadness up to 20%.

  4. Missing someone - If I miss any family members who passed away like my GrandMa, GrandPa or Uncle, it would be difficult for me to sleep. I'd remember all the memories I had with them.

  5. An argument with a lover - My hubby and I almost never fought, even when I was being my hubby's girl friend. I don't like conflicts. But there were times when we were of the same mind. Those made my eyes opened 'til at least 01 am.

  6. A mistake while doing my tasks at the office - This rarely happens but when it does, even if I've corrected it would make me awake longer than I should.

  7. Falling in love - Hahhaa...this must happen to all girls, right? When I first fell in love with Abi, I kept thinking about him, kept smiling, kept singing love songs...well, you know...those silly girly things.

  8. Exams - There were times when I didn't sleep AT ALL for 2 days because I had 3 exams in each day. And know, what, I almost missed one important exam just because of concentrating to sudy for the next exams and feeling sleepy. Thank God, my friend who did finish the exam found me under a tree not far from the class where he took the exam and told me to rush to the class. It was already half an hour to the end of the exam, but, thankfully, the lecturer let me take it. And, I managed to get a C+.

  9. Being Hungry - I tried dieting soooooooooomany times. But I almost always failed because of being hungry in the middle of the night which ended me up into craving foods.

  10. My babyHana's insomnia - Well, her insomnia ends me up to an insomnia. When she was less than 2 years old, at 08 pm, she would ask me to accompany her in bed. But after being 2 years old, the earliest time she closed her eyes was at 09 pm and that was simply because she didn't take a nap during the afternoon (yes, she is napping everyday).

  11. Heavily raining and thunderstorms - Both my daughter and I can't sleep if we hear thunderstorms...yeah, we're such cowards...

  12. An interview the next morning - Yup! That's the time when I must sleep but I'd do the contrary. Sometimes because I try to memorize the things I'm supposed to say to the interviewer or if I get scared to fail.

  13. A wedding day the next morning, MY WEDDING DAY! - Don't you all? I did! I slept at 03 am the night before the wedding and I had to wake up at 05 am to get a shower because the lady who did the make up and hair style would come at 05.30 am to start her job which had to finish at least at 08.30 because the ceremony had to start at 08.45. Thank God everything was on time but consequentially, I slept when the lady did her great job on my face and hair. Thanks, Tante Reta!


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Blogger erynugroho Says:

Hai Nadiaa... bagus blog nya! omong-omong soal insomnia, Alhamdulillah gue nggak pernah susah tidur, kalau sudah malam, capek, ya molor... hehehe

Anonymous she Says:

Insomnia is horrible. I agree with you on the books though - it's really hard to put a good one down!

Blogger scribbit Says:

I slept horribly last night, I can relate.

Blogger Le laquet Says:

And worry, of any kind! Oh and pre-holiday / flight excitement every time :o) I had next to no sleep last night either ... knocking noises in the house, central heating pipes I think!

Blogger mar Says:

I suffer from the contrary... I need sooo much sleep! *sigh*
Happy TT!

Blogger Chaotic Mom Says:

I did NOT sleep last night, am suffering from a couple of things on your list. I HATE insomnia!

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!

Blogger i am jen [with1n] Says:

I can relate to so many on your list. Just having to go back to work next week, it's hard to sleep.
Thanks for sharing...Happy TT!

Anonymous ali Says:

does that mean you never sleep?

Anonymous Barbara H. Says:

Usually I sleep really well, except for having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. :) I also don't sleep well before trips -- my mind is running with all the things I need to remember to do.

Blogger Di Says:

I used to have insomnia if my husband and I fought and didn't resolve whatever the issue was, but all of a sudden, several years ago I simply got over it! Somehow I learned that my not sleeping wasn't going to make anything better and it certainly wasn't going to make me better at dealing with the issue the following day.

Blogger Racy Li Says:

Oh god. Don't speak to me about exams right now. i'm just drowning in papers.

Sleep? What's that?

Anonymous Cheryl Says:

I have insomnia most nights and books and the internet top my list as the cure!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Oh yes I so agree!!!!

Very nice list!
Happy TT and BIG hugs from Germany,

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

:D Thanks so much forcommenting.

Ali asked if I never sleep...

I do always sleep, those things happen but I always manage to sleep.

Blogger Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira Says:

yup those are bound to keep any girl up.... I think all 13 would defitely be on my list as well...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Those all good reasons not to sleep! i can relate to most of those, especially the one about big ideas. Happy TT!

Anonymous Sophisticated Writer Says:

I'm often insomniac too and oddly enough Nadiah it's due to most reasons you mentioned (dieting, being in love, stress, sadness, big ideas...)

Blogger elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

Thanks for visiting my blog. Insomnia is the worst. As I get older I find it gets worse.

Sometimes on the weekends I go to bed before my kids. If they wake me up it takes forever to go to sleep again.


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