On Friendship

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, August 27, 2008 At 4:09 PM |

Now, I feel like I see friendship differently from how I saw it long time ago when I was younger--yeah, I am admitting that I'm no longer young.

It becomes more complicated. And, no, I don't enjoy this new point of view.

I wish I still could see it the way I did before. But, people change. I change. They change--those whom I used to call friends.

My dear cousin who gave me a lift to office today told me about her excitement on seeing her beloved friends. I told her, "Enjoy it, dear. As you might see it differently later when you really grow up."

When I was little, I wished to grow up very very soon. And, now, I wish, time didn't go by that fast. I want to enjoy those days when I thought of nothing but fun. Just like my dear cousin.

I knew the fact that she was the one taking me to the office this afternoon--after we went to my grandpa's brother funeral preparation--was somehow planned by Allah. As, maybe, Allah wanted me to change (again) this new idea of mine on friendship.

I want to really enjoy friendship. I do!

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Blogger ime' Says:

to enjoy something, it is really your choice. if you choose not to enjoy it, then you won't; but if you choose to enjoy it, then you will.

friendship is not static; it's dynamic. if you say that friendship is static, then you really need to re-define what friendship really is.

friendship is not a matter of whether you're changing or not; it's a matter how you're willing to accept someone as your friend or not.

it is friendship that changing us; it is not the other way around.


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