American Idol, YouTube and Me

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, March 21, 2008 At 10:10 AM |

Why do I care so much about AI? Or, any other singing contest?

I've been asking myself the question for such a long time.

But, today, watching those AI Top 11, I found the answer.

I shed a tear when Simon commented on David Archuletta and Syesha Mercado--I felt their happiness. I felt for the others who got some critics from the judges. It was like I was the one who was singing on that stage and got commented.

I thought, previously, it was simply because I loved Simon's comments--whatever it would be. But then, why did I also try my best to watch Indonesian Idol? Obviously, there was no Simon there--well, it was nicer to watch after Anang became one of the judges.

So, why?

The answer that I found out today is that I wished that I could be one of the contestants. Yeah, call me silly. I never take any courses on vocal or any other musical instruments. But, I love to sing. Singing makes me feel better when I'm sad. Singing makes me more excited when I'm happy. Well, maybe the fact that my Grandpa was a musician back then in his era might also be a good excuse for my passion in singing--BTW, it seems like my brother follows his path, not by singing but in music arrangement.

I wish I could sing in front of people and brought them into an atmosphere just by listening to my singing. It must be wonderful to do.

And, in any singing contests, not only can you perform but also learn from the judges' critics and learn from your mistakes. And, do better on the next performance.

So, yeah, I love to see the singing contests, seeing me in those contestants, pretending that I'm one of them while watching the show. Silly least for me.

Now, what about the YouTube thing that I mentioned on the title?

Well, in my country, the show is held every Thursday and the result on Sunday on local TV. On Thursday, I'm mostly still busy with my work or playing with my daughter, so I keep accidentally forgetting the schedule. On Sunday, I mostly go out, so again, I miss watching it.

But, thanks to YouTube, I can watch the show. And, I even can repeat it! Haha! This week, those whose performance I saw more than once were David A. and Syesha--last week, it was definitely Brooke's.

I should've not been depending on YouTube should I have cable. But, I don't. In my office back then, the company subscribed to cable. So, my bosses (one Indian man and two Indonesians) and I watched the show together. It was fun because we had our own idols and I tried my best not to shade a tear whenever I got touched by a performance or two because the bosses might have teased me and I hate to get embarrassed.

Oh, singing contests are always emotional for me...

And, besides YouTube, thanks to this nice man who always reminds me (accidentally, of course through his journals about AI) to watch the show...I never miss it...although through YouTube. And, thanks to all those people uploading the performances.

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