WW - Rain Keeps Falling on My Garden

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, February 12, 2008 At 9:15 PM |

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Anonymous sasha Says:

Don't you just love the fresh look of the garden after a downpour? :)

Happy WW!

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Blogger Digital Flower Pictures Says:

That looks like a little too much rain.

Happy WW!

Blogger ellen b. Says:

Hope the sun comes out soon to dry up some of the puddles...

Blogger Sandy Carlson Says:

Soon the fish will come!

What a beautiful garden.

Blogger Juliana RW Says:

I heard Jakarta flooded couple days ago... I also come from Jakarta but live in the netherlands

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Blogger jams o donnell Says:

THat's one wet garden! Happy WW

Blogger Mrs Wibbs Says:

What a gorgeous garden you have!! I bet it smells amazing from all this rain...as long as nothing starts to rot ;)

Blogger Sandee (Comedy +) Says:

Looks more like flooding to me, but I live in the desert. Great shots. Have a wonderful WW. :)

Blogger Jen Says:

How beautiful!!! A little wet though! Happy WW!

Blogger erika~ the inspired mama Says:

your garden is beautiful... rain and all!

Blogger Michelle Says:

That's quite a bit of rain you have there! Hopefully it makes your garden even more green. :D

Happy WW.

Blogger HLiza Says:

Now I'm worried..will I get caught in flood there? (Hi Nadiah..I haven't got any details yet..will update you!)

OpenID diamondintheruff Says:

Although it's soggy, your garden is beautiful. It's so green!

Happy WW!

Blogger Sunshine Says:

hi, am at wordless too using this blog: http://sunshineforlife.wordpress.com.

i posted my third entry last wednesday and my 4th this coming wednesday.

oh iwish to take photo too when outside of my apartment is flooded. :)


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