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what you say type.

This weekend, I've just learned a good lesson in the world of blogging and commenting.

It seems like I have hurt some people with my words. I didn't mean it that way. I said it for being concern on something else. Shortly, they hated what I said and asked me to be more polite.

I did apologize in their blog (by commenting there), in my own blog, and by e-mail.

They have accepted my apology by e-mail. Yet, before knowing that--as their reply went to spam box--I saw someone saying bad things about my daughter. ANONYMOUS person.

I thought it had something to do with what I said. It might have not been those persons that I accidentally hurt before. But, I made a comment again on their blog saying that I have forgiven whoever saying those bad things about my daughter.

Everything happening this weekend wouldn't have to happen if I watched my words better. I have to be more careful in saying things. I might not mean bad but others might see it differently.

This happened once before. I had a friend ho said something in my blog that hurt other people and I tried to be in between by explaining something. But, that friend thought that I offended her although it wasn't like that. Then, I apologized. But she preferred not to be my friend anymore. That was her right to do so.

At least, if I have hurt someone (or someone thought that I hurt them although I didn't mean it), I do apologize. I am not a coward.

In the blogging world, people can only see who you really are by words--and pictures you post. Well, written language sometimes offers too many meanings. And, you just have to be careful in expressing them.

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Blogger princess Says:

I am sorry this had to happen to you. Sometimes we mean to say something and when others hear or read it they interpret it differently. Just be more careful next time.
Your friend had never been a friend in the first place, I think. Friends should be forgiving, especially after you had apologized and explained your side...
Take care.


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