She's Definitely Heavy!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Saturday, February 09, 2008 At 5:39 PM |

Me carrying my daughter.
She was 2 at that time and weighed 18 kg.
Heavy, right?

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Blogger Hootin' Anni Says:

She looks sweet!!!!

My heavy is posted...hope you can drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. Happy Hunting!

Blogger napaboaniya Says:

From just the look of this picture!! I can imagine the strain on the arms!! :) She's a real chubby cutie :P

Blogger Mia Says:

2year olds _are_ heavy! My girl is 2 1/2years old and if she is asleep and I carry her...

You have a beautiful girl.

Blogger jams o donnell Says:

What a beautiful portrait. Have a great weekend

Anonymous Yen Says:

Awww...she does looks like heavy:) A cutie too!

Blogger Karen Says:

Ooh, I remember those days. The kiddies are dead weights when they're that old and though it's hard to hold them, they want to be held so much that you simply have to. My arms would turn to jelly afterwards, lol.

Write From Karen

Anonymous Barbara H. Says:

I remember when my children were small -- they were so heavy to carry!

Blogger Rebecca Says:

She's a cutie... :)

Blogger 2cents Says:

adorable girl you have here, thanks for sharing.

Mine is up at
. Hope you can visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

Blogger Utah Mommy Says:

i agree kids are always heavy for mommies. Happy weekend!
Baby Pushing Mommy

Blogger Gypsy at heart Says:

Wonder how the world looks from that viewpoint. Better than a constant view of knees :)

Blogger Atasha Says:

Well my son was 35 lbs so not far off from your daughter. I don't see her being fat she is just "solid" & healthy as we say. My son is also.
Now at 4 yrs old he is 44 lbs much heavier than most 4 yr olds. He still wants me to carry him at times and that is crazy.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

But imagine the workout your arms are getting.

Blogger Dragonstar Says:

Ah, but so beautiful! And they only get heavier.

Blogger Andrée Says:

Your daughter is so beautiful and looks so sweet! Lucky you! My Photo Hunt — Heavy is here. Thank you.

Blogger Katney Says:

She is a big girl. Heavy to carry around. It's time to make her walk, Mom!


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