If things were different

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Saturday, February 23, 2008 At 9:31 PM |

No, the above title doesn't mean that I regret what has been destined to me. I live the days with thankfulness and try to make each a beautiful one--whether the effort is big or small.

But, there are times when I wonder how things would turn up to be should they be different. I imagined it, and know what...I came to a conclusion that how different my life were, it still would not be problem-free. No one has no problem. So, I tend to make more effort to make the days I live as happy as they could be.

dentist dental visitNow, I'm having this bad headache of which cause I don't know. Well, I can guess, it could be out of my lack of sleep or the problem with my teeth. I am supposed to go to the dentist but, to be honest, I'm afraid of what will come. It would be ok if I get only some dental filling but what if the dentist thinks that the teeth must be taken out! OMG, I had three taken out before and I don't want that to happen anymore.

Yeah, I know, I have teeth health issue. My parents said it was because I consumed antibiotic a lot when I was little. I don't know if the medicine really affect my teeth or they just try to make me feel better for not really taking care of my teeth--but I actually did!

Picture is courtesy of Hector Landaeta

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Blogger ime' Says:

udaaahhh ke dokter gigi ajaaaa :P

diriku juga baru dari dokter gigi loohhh :D ompong :P

tapi, daripada lanjut sakitnya? ke dokter gigi ku aja mau? di rspp

Anonymous nuniek nur sahaya Says:

iya udah ke dokter gigi aja..
itu gambarnya serem juga..


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