WW - Javanese Wedding

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, January 23, 2008 At 12:47 AM |

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Blogger letha Says:

That is so colourful, very beautiful.

Blogger the teach Says:

So much beauty in the clothes and decoration for the wedding! Is this your wedding? Cute little girl, too! :)

Blogger ellen b. Says:

So very colorful...

Anonymous Livin' With Me Says:

Wow- how beautiful! I just love the colors.

Blogger Sandy Carlson Says:

What beautiful costumes. Such moments deserve such adornments. God bless, and thanks for sharing this image.

Blogger Natalie Says:

What beautiful clothes!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That's beautiful. So different from any wedding I've seen!

Blogger Neen Says:

I love all the colors, I wish my culture would accept dress like this for weddings, White is just so boring.

Blogger la bellina mammina Says:

I wish I had a Javanese wedding! Gorgeous pic.

Blogger Nancy Lindquist-Liedel Says:

Wow, what wonderful colors. They just exude joy!

Anonymous Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

That is not my wedding. The bride is my cousin. And the 'lil girl is my daughter. :D

The dress is used for the reception only. For the part where the groom say the wedding vow, the bride wear
a white kebaya

Blogger Sandee (Comedy +) Says:

I love all the color. We dress rather bland here compared to this. Have a great WW. :)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Very beautiful! I love it!


Blogger ime' Says:

heheheh... i thought it was yours :D

nice pic anyway ;)


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