When You Need an Office Chair or Two

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, January 23, 2008 At 12:22 AM |

I work at home. Yet, I have my own working space. It contains a desk, an office chair, a laptop and a calendar. I insisted to my husband that an office chair is obligatory.


Office chairs
are designed for comfort. You sit there all day long, work hard--on writings, numbers, reports, etc--and you won't feel tired at all.

That is why I need one. I have tried with ordinary chairs and I felt uncomfortable at all and couldn't finish any of my tasks.

What about real offices? Of course, they need real office furniture! Comfortable ones so that the employers finish the job with ease and don't feel grumpy over an uncomfortable chair!

The ones I love most is the leather computer chairs. I used to work as a secretary and know what? When my boss wasn't around, I tried his comfy leather office chair. And, it felt soooo good it took me minutes to get out of it.

They might cost a lot. But not always. There are some credible manufacturers that offer affordable prices. Inter County is one of them. It offers some with an 8-year guarantee and high-quality. Yet, the price is reasonable and you can order online.

So, whether it is for your office or your SOHO, get one (or some) for it might influence your business future!

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