The More You Write The More You Learn

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, January 04, 2008 At 12:34 AM |

Remember that I am working on this Fashion website--and soon the company profile?

As promised by my dear friend who trusted me on this job, it turned out to be exciting.

I've been doing some research both on the fashion itself and the style of fashion writing.

The first draft that I sent to her was too poetic. She laughed--not mockingly, but more like joyfully for she knows that I'm more into fiction than non-fiction.

So, I rephrased the draft. No...actually I made a new draft and left the poetic one behind.

The reaction when she read second draft was, "Ok, so far so good!"

Oh...I was extremely relieved! And, that was some kind of a trigger for me because after that I kept on writing and learning how to create phrases which are more 'fashionable.'

I got more interested in the subject, especially after she took me to the gallery. OMG! Seeing those materials, the beautiful hand-painted batik, and lovely designs, I felt like swimming in the world of beauty.

So, I decided to work harder on this project. From the gallery, on the way to another place I gotta visit, I stopped by a second-handed magazine stand and bought three fashion magazines. The research I did on the net was not sufficient and these magazines--I thought--would help a lot. And, they did.

The research part is my favorite. Because, from zero knowledge--ok, I exaggerated a little, I know a bit of materials from my late GrandMa because she was so aware of delicate fabrics and once made me buy silk that I turned into a lovely chemise--, now I have added two levels of it. I'm no expert in the subject--and don't think I'll ever be--, but it is enough--although I'd better keep on learning--to help me write the web content.

That is what I love about writing. It makes you learn something. It doesn't matter whether it is fiction or non-fiction, you need to do some researches before finally putting the words together.

Well, it's like living a dream, writing for a living. And, oh, how I'm excited!

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