How to Fill Your House with Beauty

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Saturday, January 19, 2008 At 11:24 PM |

I was amazed when I found Furniture from Home. There I saw how I wanted my house to look like. The sofa, the bed, everything. They just look perfect.

And, it seems like the owner knows how to create a great website. The design is not complicated, yet it covers everything people like me--potential buyers--wish to see.

I happen to have this pretty bed queen size my husband and I bought for our wedding bedroom about four and a half years ago. And, it might be the best time to get a king size one since we seem to enlarge after this almost 5 years of marriage. The Dark Wood Sleigh Bed would look great in my bedroom!

And, the Youth Painted Doll House Bed...I bet my daughter would love it more than anything!

Now, tell me, what do you have in mind when you see the above picture of the Creamy Corduroy Couch Love Seat And Accent Chair Furniture Sets? Don't you just love it? I imagine myself having a great time with the whole family there.

It's always nice to redecorate your home. And, Furniture from Home will surely be able to help you through the wonderful journey of redecorating...and turning your home into an endless beauty as they also provide you with useful tips!

Have a nice home!

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Blogger HLiza Says:

I love those ideas! Not so much of a decorator myself..but I love combining colours and having the nice effects. I also love the blinds they use to make the living room brighter.


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