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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, January 07, 2008 At 11:28 PM |

On our honeymoon, hubby and I were amazed on the bathrobes we found in the hotel that we stayed in. They were so comfortable to wear...they made us want to buy some.

Imagine, your watery body slips into a white bathrobe after you're done with your bath session. And, feel the warm-cozy feeling as soon as you've got your figure wrapped.

Or, have you tried those in your favorite spa? Don't you think the right robes would make you go back there? I think, yeah, I would.

So, I wondered...where could I get such soft and fluffy robes without having to spend too much money? Well...Plush Robes seems to be the place!

There, you can get the best robes ever. Plush Robes has a great collection of Women's Bathrobes--pink ones! Plus, you should check out the Terry Robes.

Not only that, Plush Robes also have other collections such as Kimono Robes--the black one is beautiful--, light weight Waffle Robes, Hooded Bathrobes for you to wear in winter, Chenille Microfiber Robes--one of Oprah's favorite bathrobes--, and Asian Silk Robes--in many colors, fuchsia, blue, red, green...all lovely.

Do you know that bathrobes make a great gift? I won't say no if I get one...

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Blogger Atasha Says:

I know it. My sister in law got me a Berkshire Robe and throw set for Christmas. Before this I had never felt anything so soft in my life. Christopher claimed the throw and won't sleep in anything else and he is always touching my robe and saying..."oooh mama, so soft and pretty"

I tell you the guy knows his stuff. It does make a great present. I got my husband one last year. it wasn't as soft as mine but he loves it and wears it all the time.

Anonymous mayamarietta Says:

What is the exact robe that you got. I would like to order one and where did he buy it? I would like it to be Berkshire, since I have a blanket made out of the same material. Does it have an order number?


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