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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, December 21, 2007 At 10:45 AM |

Remember that one of my dreams for the year of 2008 is to lose weight? I am determined that it will have to be done no matter what.

Then, I found this site that might be able to help me make the dream comes true. What I love about this program is that it says no to diet pills! How I hate pills!


Because, I believe that all weight loss programs should be natural and won't cause your body any damage.

And, this is the best part: this program uses the Law of Attraction. And, I'm really curious!

It seems like the year of 2008 would bring me lots of joy, and, especially, end my depression for having such a poorly-shaped body.

What about you? Care to get a well-shaped body?

*This post is specially brought to you by The Magnetic Diet*

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Blogger JHEUNG RHIE Says:

ughhhhhhhhh...i've tried in many ways get shape..pernah benar2 berhasil turun dari 75 kg ke 52kg karena ikut suntik...habis itu...bang..!!! i became fat again in 5 months...after that...i never tried to be on any diets methods anymore...hehehehehe..malas...tapi penegn banget in 2008 bisa kurus lagi...


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