Paris: The City of Lights

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, December 25, 2007 At 9:59 PM |

My desire to visit Paris is so big that I started to collect some pictures of the city attractions. This desire didn't just come up because I learned the language its citizens speak. It is also because of the beauty that the city offers.

As we all know, Paris is famous as the City of Lights, La Ville-lumière, for its fame as a center of education and ideas and its early adoption of street-lighting. It is also famous for its being the city of romance. It offers lots of beauty that no couple wishes to be separated.

It is as well a heaven for tourists. With all the attractions:
  • the Eiffel Tower, the most recognized landmark in the city from where you can enjoy the marvelous views across Paris,
  • the Seine River and the bridges. You can enjoy traveling on the boat or simply take a walk on the bridges to explore the beauty of the city,
  • the Louvre Museum, one of the largest museums in the world. Visitors can enjoy delving into the wonderful work of arts,
  • the Cafes. In this city of light, cafes are not merely places to take a sip or two of your favorite coffee. It is a cultural phenomenon. Visiting the city without having a long sit in one of those cafes is like soup without salt,
  • and, many other more interesting places to visit...
...who can say no to a chance of going there?

I wouldn't. If, let's say, I've got some extra money, I would right away book a plane ticket and a room in any Paris hotels.

Visiting the city might still be only a dream for me, right now. But, who knows, you might be seeing me reading a book or chit-chatting with some people in one of the sidewalk cafes in the near future!

Or, better, you might as well catch me in any France hotels...

But, you know wish is if I have the chance to go to Europe, I won't only visit one country. I hope that I can visit other countries. So, there also might be a chance for you to see me in any Germany Hotels.

Who knows?

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