Make Your Employees Think of Nothing but Their Job

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, December 25, 2007 At 12:26 AM |

Back then when I was still working as a secretary, I had nothing to worry about. I had quite a big salary, I got some bonuses, and I got good benefits. One of them is the insurance, especially health insurance.

Not that I had any specific health problems. I just felt safe.

Therefore, I was focused at nothing but my tasks. I kinda did a great job--boss told me so--although frankly speaking I didn't like being a secretary--because I'm more to writing and art.

And, from what I saw, the feeling I had was exactly the same as that of my colleagues. They performed well. And, the company grew from small to big.

I had this friend working for a company with no Employee Benefit Package at all. And, guess what? He left it. Also the other employees. It then shrank from big to very small.

So, what's the waiting for? If you are an employer, start the coming year of 2008 with enthusiasm by creating Corporate Insurance Plans for the Employers. You don't want them to leave you, do you?

There are no better assets than some loyal and qualified employees! wish to have your own personal insurance? Why don't you check out the Online Insurance Policy to learn more?

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