A lovely chit-chat and a Great Opportunity

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, December 25, 2007 At 8:10 PM |

I went to visit a friend of mine today. And, I had such a great time. We talked and talked and talked. With her, I can talk about anything.

Yeah, we did talk a lot.

She needed to be listened to, so did I. So, we talked and listened.

And, we discussed things, we analyzed them. We didn't do gossips. They are just useless. Well, we did talk about some friends but it was more like analyzing their situations so that we could learn from there. Oh yeah, we're some analyzers, for sure! ;D

But, there was something more. Today, I was officially hired by her. She needs somebody to help her do some copy writing for her business (website and company profile).

Frankly speaking, I was not sure about taking the job. First, because she is a friend and I am kinda afraid of doing business with friends for there is a chance of ruining the relationship. Second, because I haven't really done it before. I did some copy writing for some websites but I haven't had any experience with a company profile.

But then, she said she would help me. So, I told her that if she likes my work, she could take it but if she doesn't, that is ok with me. So, it was a deal.

However, to be honest, I am EXCITED! So, please...wish me luck!

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Blogger Some People Call Me "Mom" Says:

What a neat opportunity. Good luck!


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