Don't Let Bed Bugs Invade Your Home!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, December 28, 2007 At 1:47 AM |

I have to tell you the truth. Long time ago, I used to have bed bugs in my mattress. Yeah...I know, I didn't clean it up enough.

But, now, thank God, they seem to find another place to hide.

Know what? It could be your home they have chosen. Would you let them?

I bet you wouldn't.

But, how?

You have to prevent the bed bug infestation anywhere in your home. Don't let them even enter the front door--if it's how they get into homes. You also have to make sure that you've got a clean place to live in. Try some vacuuming or steam cleaning.

Although bed bugs are not dangerous, they might cause you skin irritation and rashes--not to mention that their bites are quite annoying! You might be scared to get into your bed just imagining it.

So, what's the waiting for? Let's say no to bed bugs!

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