Beautiful Poles for Your Home Decorations

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, December 07, 2007 At 3:45 PM |

Actually, I love home decorations. It's just, I don't have a home. Now, I only have a room instead in my Grandma's house.

However, I love to decor it a bit. Since I have such a limited space, I have to be smart. I don't want the room to look full, yet I don't want it to look empty either.

One of the things I can put more touches is the curtains and the poles. I get something simple for the curtains, yet something chic for the poles.

I use white-painted plastic curtain poles. Yet, there are lots of other choices on the poles such as metal curtain poles, wooden curtain poles and bay window curtain poles.

What I love about poles is that it can make the window looks prettier. The design of my window is so simple--well, I consider it too simple indeed--so, with a little touch of the nice-looking poles, it looks better.

I even have been imagining how I will decor my window should I have my own house one day. I would choose white or soft-colored curtain for the living room, kitchen and dining room. And, I'll use satin silver poles. My hubby said that those three room decorations are all up to me. Yet, for our room, I have to discuss it with him. Oh yes, of course!


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Blogger ime' Says:

mmm... probably you could decorate my room (since i'm not really have time to ponder on what kind of curtain i need to put on :D) hehehhe...

Blogger HLiza Says:

I prefer blinds than I won't have this pole if I have my own house. Blinds to me are more practical..I hate washing and changing curtains..

Blogger wutsua Says:

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