And...the first Asian Idol is...

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Sunday, December 16, 2007 At 6:14 PM |

Hady Mirza from Singapore!

The 6 of them were good. Yet, there is always a winner in every competition kan?

He deserves it. When I watched him sang with Jacklyn (Malaysia), well, I had to admit that they were good. And, Jacklyn really showed the aura of a star.

So, congrats, Hady...

Phuong Vy (Vietnam), Mao (Philippines), Abhijeet (India), Mike (Indonesia), Jacklyn, you were doing, you're all also the winners, ok? *I saw a bit of sadness in their eyes although they seemed to also feel happy for Hady*

And, Mike, I just hope you can work harder...add more power to your voice Indonesia would love you more...(and eventually Asia as well as the whole world)


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Blogger Ani Says:

Wah, pasti Hady Mirza tampil aku nggak lihat, cuma sempat lihat Mao & Phuong Vy, suaranya bagus2 tenan.

Blogger CempLuk Says:

sayang y mike gak menang...

Blogger JusTWhaTiTalk'BouT Says:

yes, he's so cute..
tapi teteup...
Mike juara donkz....
Biarin ga jadi asian idol deh
Juara di hati rakyat Indonesia :D


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