Why PPP?

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, November 01, 2007 At 2:17 AM |

I should say, why not?!

I joined PayPerPost it's been such a long time. I've got $43 out of it.

How's the story?

My first sign up

I found PPP on some of my dear blogging pals. I found it very interesting. You blog and you get money. That was new for me but I wouldn't want to be left behind, so, I signed up. And, it turned out to be very easy. It’s not complicated so anyone can do it.

Fell in love with PPP

Oh, yes, I did fall in love with it. How couldn’t I? I got $43 already, in no time. I love blogging and I love money. And what they are mixed up together, they are beyond great!

How will I be spending the money?

Well, if you’ve been reading my posts lately, it’s all about building my own nest. I need to have a home of my own. So, I guess the money will go to some rented house, or a house I might just buy.


I’m so thankful that someone came up with this brilliant idea to connect Advertisers and Bloggers so they can work together. And, everyone is happy. Advertisers can get their products promoted and Bloggers can get some extra money. Lots of extra money.

Who wouldn't want to get paid to blog?


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why the heck did they change the name?


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