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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Saturday, November 10, 2007 At 5:56 PM |

Who wouldn't want a diamond? I bet all women in the universe will melt soon as they are proposed with such a beautiful diamond ring. I did. As we all know, diamonds are all girls' best friend.

Yet, most men find it difficult to decide which ring would make the best engagement ring ever. They are worried...what if she hates the ring I choose for her? Oh well, those men should have checked MySolitaire.com out.

It seems to be the best place for a man to find the most ideal diamond rings. In that site, you can find any type of rings you need. And, you can do it quite easily. Right after you open it, you will be seeing beautiful samples of rings. 

No man will get lost in it since everything is exposed very clearly. You can simply choose the collections they have or you can have the liberty to design your own ring. Not only that, you will get all the help you need, should you have no idea how to choose a good diamond.

For men who are planning to give their beloved wife any type jewelry at all for their anniversary, this is also the right place. 

MySolitaire.com has a huge collections of jewelry. You can find not only diamond rings, but also diamond pendants, earrings, bands and bracelets.

For all women who prefer other types of stones, such as black diamonds or sapphire, this site is heaven. Get your sapphire rings in all colors and design. As well as some beautiful black diamond rings.

But, why buying there while you can buy diamonds in some stores you normally visit? I know that that question would pop into your mind. Well, there are plenty of reasons.

As you can see on the right sidebar, they state some very strong reasons: you will get free shipping, authenticity certificate, free gift packaging (the best thing ever if you plan it to be a surprising gift), lifetime buy back, lifetime trade-up, 30 days return, and of course, huge savings--very huge!

And, there is something else. You can browse all their collections without having to ask some rude storekeepers to take them for you. You get better chance to choose, and of course, much longer time.

As I mentioned earlier, the site gives you a complete service. They let you choose your own way to search for the jewelry you need. They let you surf based on the materials, their collections, or items. Or, better, you can only buy loose gemstones!

But, what I love most about shopping in such site is the lack of glance from a rude storekeeper who wonders whether I have enough money to buy any of her store's collections or not.


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