4th Wedding Anniversary

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, August 22, 2007 At 1:40 PM |

It's been 4 years...

One more year to make it 5...

One more year we'll graduate from the first 5 years of marriage that people claim as the most difficult one...

Is it difficult?

Yes and No.

Yet, it doesn't matter, easy or difficult...

We're together...

and, in love...


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Blogger Atasha Says:

We celebrated our 4th anniversary in April of this year. And you're right whether it was easy or difficult the bottom line is that you made it. Our most difficult time was the first year and it's been great so far. 2 kids later we're stronger than ever.
I didn't know that these years were considered the hardest but if it is then we're good to go for the rest of our lives :)

Happy 4th.

Blogger Barbara Says:

Congratulations on your anniversary! You look so happy in the photo and you have a beautiful child. You have so much to celebrate! Enjoy.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Thanks so much, Atasha & Barbara :D


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