You Can Call Her Risma or Nonie...

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, July 12, 2007 At 4:52 PM |

She's one of my bestest friends. Yes, I have many, lucky aren't I? Yet, 2 don't live in Jakarta. Risma or Nonie is one of them.

Her real name is Risma Yuliani but her family call her Nonie. Of all her friends who come to her house regularly (since I was in the elementary school), I'm the only one who's not influenced by the whole big family of hers to call her Nonie instead of Risma. I'd known her as Risma and it would be weird to change it into Nonie (at least for me).

She lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband and two little lovely daughters. She is now in Jakarta to meet her family and of course, ME! Hahaha...

This week, I've met her 3 times (Zek, you haven't met her, have u? ). And just like usual, we've talked and talked and talked, laughed and laughed and laughed, wondered and wondered and wondered, thought and thought and thought...for there are zillions of memories I share with her.

Today is her birthday. We talked and of course ATE. With her, food is one of the main thing I have to deal with. She doesn't care if I am still fat and she has got her figure back. She keeps giving me food and food and food. Last week, she sent her driver to give me this yummy chocolate pudding. Oh, I love you for that.

So, happy birthday, sweetheart. I'll always be there for you as you're always there for me (the same thing I told my hubby 2 days ago hahaha).

Love you!


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