Thursday 13 - 13 Blogs Providing Pics of Flood

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, February 08, 2007 At 10:51 AM |

Yes, the flood hasn't really ended yet. Last night there were rain and horrible thunders. I slept with my right hand on one of my daughter's ears.

These pics/videos can help you see how bad the flood is:

  1. Pics at Najib's blog (1) (Najib is my brother)
  2. Pics at Najib's blog (2)
  3. Pics at Ahie's blog
  4. Videos at Roffi's blog
  5. A pic at Ollie's blog
  6. Pics at Kukuh's blog
  7. Pics at Brilli's blog
  8. Pics at Tian's blog (1)
  9. Pics at Tians blog (2)
  10. Pics at Inne's blog
  11. Pics at Nining's blog
  12. Pics at Ozzan's blog
  13. Pics at Bayu's blog
Hope this will end soon...very soon...

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Anonymous she Says:

I hope the waters recede soon. Stay safe.

Blogger Lisa Says:

Oh my goodness, that's dreadful. I hope this is soon over, and that you and your family stay safe.

Anonymous roffi´s blog Says:

saya dari [roffi´s blog], sebenarnya link2 saya itu banyak dari karya di youtube, sebaiknya anda juga memuat, blogger indo yang banyak nyumbang karya video banjir di youtube.

Blogger Goofy Girl Says:

Very scary, I hope that the flood end soons and you stay safe!

Anonymous Scouser Says:

What a terrible thing to have to go through. I hope you are staying safe. My T13 are up.

Blogger Raggedy Says:

I watched the video and looked at the pictures.
What a tragedy!
I hope that the water leaves soon.
Please stay safe.
MyT13 is up

Anonymous amellie Says:

my pray goes to all the victims there.. :( take care

Blogger mar Says:

I hope you and yours are all safe, I have been following the news. What a terrible thing to happen.
So sorry about this...

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Thanks, All, for the support and prayers.

For Roffi: Dita from PinoDita happens to be a dear friend of mine. I'll link them up. Thanks for reminding.

Blogger Sanni Says:

Oh my... it breaks my heart! Please stay safe and sound!!!

I´m sorry I didn´t make it on Thursday… we´ve had a car accident on the freeway – but I´m trying to catch up today as promised. Here you´ll find my TT #12 if you feel like!

Oh, and thanks a lot for the link! I´m honored and did the same =)

I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you all!

Blogger Jill Says:

I always surprise to see how something we need, like for you water, can do so much damage!!
I hope all your family is fine, and that your daughter didn't get too scare!!


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