On And On

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, January 08, 2007 At 4:25 PM |

Have you ever listened to Jack Johnson's?

I am listening to his songs now. The ones from his On And On album.

Listening to Johnson's songs is somehow soothing. I know him from my hubby. Well, most of the songs that I've been enjoying these days are his recommendations. His knowledge on music really amazes me sometimes.

Know what, he's been feeding my daughter's ears with Pink Floyd. And, she seems to like it.


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Blogger my 2 cents Says:

He's the one who did the music on the Curious George movie. I listened to him only once, online.
Nice, happy sounding songs.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

:D Glad that you like it.


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