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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, January 03, 2007 At 1:12 PM |

Yes, there's where I am now. Or, I was, yesterday.

Remember that I decided to start my own business? Guess what, yesterday there was something that almost made me change my mind. Can't tell you what it was. It was serious, anyway.

But now, I don't think that the 'thing' will show up again. It might just evaporate like that, in a single snap.

In a way, I'm sad about its going away, but then, I feel glad anyway. Coz, it means, I can get back to my big plan, my big project, that I was about to neglect.

Yet, too bad, I seemed to have lost the excitement of the project because of the 'thing.' I wish I hadn't. But, don't worry, I think I'll get my self excited anytime soon.

Hope you're not confused with what I'm writing here. Sorry, I can't tell you what the 'thing' is. Not yet.

Just, please, wish me the best, will you? :D

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Blogger Atasha Says:

Well I am not confused with what you wrote, just curious. Can I guess? Heheheh or maybe I should just wait until you're ready to post it. I am so nosey..hehehe

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hahaha...all my best friends can guess, of course :D

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

One thing I always know since I know you mbak, is that you want to publish your book. Am I right? :P. so please please invite me on the launching day...


Blogger sunnyday Says:

Well, I'm afraid I'm confused because I thought you were talking about going into business and then anonymous referred to your book-writing. I think I read all of your recent posts and then opened the comment page; now I can't remember which post I'm commenting on, haha.

Anyway, if you are passionate about writing and enjoy it, too, go ahead and pursue it. Obstacles will merely delay you but not stop you altogether =) Then keep on reading -- books, magazines (even comics help).

Good luck!


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