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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, December 05, 2006 At 11:05 AM |

I always use pictures for my desktop wallpapers. Sometimes, I put on pictures of my dear daughter. Most of the times, I use some beautiful pictures that I download for free.

But, sometimes, I hate it if those free pics contain spyware or adware. Worse, some are difficult to download.

But now, things are easier. I've found a great place to get free desktop wallpaper. There, I can find all the types of desktop wallpapers I need, such as seasonal ones, nature scenes, inspirational ones, even some cute Care Bear pics which my baby Hana likes.

And, the best thing about it is that it contains no spyware or adware! Plus, those pics are so easy to download.

You see the pic above? Yes, that's the one I use on my desktop now. I love the greeny-turquoise color and its simplicity.

BTW, they've got screensavers as well!

Wanna try?

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That one is nice. It's been years since I've downloaded screen savers or backgrounds.

Now since I am a picture taking fool, I always use one of the kids. Sometimes I combine a few so I can have like 4 pictures as my background. It just makes me smile everytime I see it!

Other times I leave on the slideshow so it's always going. Can't get enough of these 2 miracles I have here :-)

Blogger Sophisticated Writer Says:

Thanks for the link, Nadiah. I'm on my way now :)

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

You're wery welcome.



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