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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Saturday, December 09, 2006 At 12:29 AM |

All this time, I’ve been thinking about being a writer of fictions only. But the idea seems to change lately.

Remember, I’ve borrowed some books from my boss? I’d done with Make Money Self-Publishing. Then, I took How to Start and Run a Small Book Publishing Company. The 1st one really made me enthusiastic and eager to start publishing my novel. But then, the 2nd book told me that publishing a fiction would be hard to help me make money.

I put the book right away. I wished I didn’t read it.

It made me totally cheesed off. It almost killed my big wish to try self-publishing.

But then, I gave some thought about it. Then, I took the other book, The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing. I didn’t read all part of it, only the sub-chapters with writings about fictions.

Then, I put away all the books. Reading nothing. Simply thinking.
I asked my self…why did I decide to try self-publishing at the first place? To make money and to be a writer.

Then, I asked my self again…can’t you get both by writing a non-fiction? I think I can.

But, can I write a non-fiction? I mean one book of it? So far, I have written non-fictions, but they are simply articles of less than a thousand of words.

So, I took sometime to think again…and, it ended me up in a new idea, a great one…I know what to write! One book of non-fiction.

Suddenly the idea changed my life. It got me extremely excited. I can’t wait to make it happen. I can’t wait to be able to write it. I can’t wait to publish it. I can’t wait to sell it.

This week, I’m planning to look for a printing company, trying to get a low price but good in quality. I’ve asked my brother to help me. And my hubby, too.

It’s always nice to get supports from a family, isn’t it?

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