It's time to exercise!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, December 19, 2006 At 3:59 PM |

Yes, I decided that it's time for me to exercise regularly. This decision is not related my wishing to lose weight. Not at all!

It's more related to my wishing to be healthy.

I love jogging. It's just it's gonna be more like walking after I pass one block or two. I get tired easily.

I tried fitness once. I liked it. It's just, sometimes, the place is so full of people that it makes me uncomfortable.

Well, know what I love most? Dance.

Yes, dance is a great way to exercise. Sometimes I combine it with a little aerobic that I once learned in the gym or from some DVDs. Not only it's fun, since I do it at home by myself, I don't have to worry that other see me making silly moves.

Hahaha...yes, I do make silly moves, most of the time. But, I believe they help me burn calories.

Once I did it in front of my hubby. He did laugh. I was kinda embarrassed. But...who cares!!! I was enjoying my self and making my self healthier. So...a hubby who laughed out loud didn't stop me from doing what I think was right.

But I wasn't angry at him. I simply came to him and gave him a loving kiss on his forehead and asked him to get out of the room.

And, of course, he refused.


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Blogger Hliza Says:

Oh no..that kiss will lead to other things!

Blogger ime' Says:

hehehhehe... sama dong :D sekarang kalo mau ketemu gue, cukup ke gym aja :)):)):))

atau mungkin lapangan basket :D

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

;D oh yeah...hahaha...

bukannya emang loe anak basket, me'?

Blogger Shoshana Says:

I love running. I can't right now. My 8 month old child hates my milk if I do...he's my 5th and last.

I love the burning sensation right before I hit my "zone". I can't wait to run again.

I'm also going to miss having a baby in the house when my last one is grown!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

It's something new to me, that running a mother might produce different taste of milk.

DO you think the expert can do a research about it?

BTW, it must be great to have 5 kids. I only have 1 now and don't know when I'll have the 2nd one. Yet, I also miss having a baby.


Thanks for coming.


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