Friday's Feast

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, December 08, 2006 At 11:41 AM |

Which language would you like to learn and why?

Oh there are so many languages I'd liek to learn...Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and many more...and, I'd also like to improve my French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Germany...yes I've learned these languages...

What's the funniest thing you've heard or read so far this week?

Nothing funny...poor me!

Which movie was so bad you couldn't watch the whole thing?

Actually not because it's's simply a horror movie. I'm afraid of horrors...

Main Course
If there were a holiday in your honor that didn't use your actual name, what would the day be called?

NadNuts the Wide Imagination

Name one movie which is coming out soon that you would like to see.

I don't really care about new movies. I prefer watching movies at home from my DVD player. And, I only watch those who get good critics.

Try your own feast...

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

yes movies on a dvd are better than going out sometimes


Blogger Barb Says:

Happy feasting!

Blogger KnicKnac Says:

Great feast! Movies are more fun at I just want a Plasma HIGH DEF TV to watch them on!

Blogger Sanni Says:

Thanks for the entertaining feast you served - since we got this little baby round here (WTF is he??? *justkidding*) we prefer watching movies at home... =)

Blogger amy Says:

Thanks for participating. Id much rather turn off a bad movie than walk out

Blogger Wystful1 Says:

Happy feasting.
Mine's served.

Anonymous Jenny Ryan Says:

Ooh, I'm afraid of horror movies too!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hi! I just posted my very first Friday's Feast. It's really nice to learn new languages because it's like a bridge to knowing other cultures.


Blogger tiggerprr Says:

Sometimes movies are much better on DVD. People are so ill-mannered in theatres anymore. :(

Blogger Judy Says:

Happy Friday. I'm with you... I much prefer watching movies at home. I feel a lot more comfortable cuddled up in my recliner with my covers... lol. I think they would frown on that in the theaters -- what do you think?


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