Do You Like Harry Potter?

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, December 07, 2006 At 1:40 PM |

I do. I really do. I think JK Rowling is a genius for creating such a great character. Don't you think?

I always enjoy reading the book. It helps my mind go as wild as I want to. Imagining how scary Voldemort is, imagining how wise Dumbledore is, imagining everything about Harry.

But...before I continue, let me ask you one question: Do you remember how tremendously enjoyable it was to have your parents read to you when you were kid?

Would you mind another question: Don't you ever wish there was someone who was willing to read all the chapters in all Harry Potter's books for you?

Well, somebody answered your wish...guess what, now you can enjoy Harry Potter Audiobooks!

But it's expensive to buy. So, I suggest you to try the rental program. Know what...renting via Simply Audiobooks would be a great economical way for you who wish to enjoy imagining while someone is reading the whole chapters for you, especially the Harry Potter ones. Or, you can even listen to the audiobooks with your kids.

So, what's the waiting for? Try this new way of enjoying a book now!

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Well I have to admit I have not read any of Harry Potter books. I watched the movies and they were good but I know and have been told that the books are much better.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I love Harry Potter books. I've read the first one before it even became big in the Phil. Looking forward to the next book which they say is controversial because one of the main characters might actually die.



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